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North Texas Pecans is a professional, family-run business serving clients in all of Texas and beyond. We provide top-quality salted Chicago pecans directly sourced from our orchards.

For the 23 years we’ve been in business, we have a reputation for stocking only the freshest healthy pecans. And while doing this, we keep our prices low so you can buy more and save more!

Why Choose North Texas Pecans?



    Though we deliver products of unmatched quality, our products are very affordable. You won’t find better quality salted pecans at a better price anywhere, we guarantee!

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    Over 23 Years
    in Business

    North Texas Pecan has been providing salted pecans for over 23 years. And through this period, we keep getting better in quality, delivery, and more.

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    Top Quality, Freshly-Harvested Pecans

    Every pecan brand in our inventory is made using super fresh products that will always exceed your expectations. Whether you need salted pecans, roasted pecans, and more, we have it all.

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    Excellent Customer

    At North Texas Pecan, we put our customers first by providing round the clock customer service. Whether you need help with your order or you need to make an inquiry, we are here for you.

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    Easy Ordering
    and Timely Delivery

    To place an order from North Texas Pecan, all you need is to select follow our simple ordering process:
    Select your pecan brand   |   Send us a text message indicating your order details   |   We deliver your product on time
    And if you need help with your order, give us a call or send us a text.

    Our Products


    Pecans Halves

    With over 23 years of experience in growing finest-quality pecans, we know how to get it right every time. We grow our pecans and when you place an order, we ship fresh, healthy pecans.
    Whether you want to add the pecans to your recipes or eat them as a snack, we guarantee the best experience.
    And to make it easy to get the best salted pecans, roasted pecans, and more, simply sending us a text. You can also give us a call to make inquiries about our salted pecans, shipping process or any other concern.


    Are your pecans quality guaranteed?

    Yes. We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee every time you buy our fresh pecans.

    How can I place my order?

    Once you identify your product, you will send us a text on 817-948-8453. Then, we’ll then proceed to process and deliver your order.

    Why should I order from North Texas Pecan?

    • We deliver fresh, healthy pecans every time
    • Affordable prices
    • Easy ordering process and fast delivery
    • Amazing customer service

    Where do you get your pecans?

    We grow all our pecans so we can maintain consistent quality every time you place an order.

    I want to make a special request. Do you consider this?

    Yes, we do. If you have a special request, send us a text on 817-948-8543 and we’ll assist in the best possible way.

    How long will you take to deliver my order?

    We work hard to ship your order on the day you place an order. However, if we may ship the next day if your order is late. Depending on your location, you can get your order in 1 day or 4 days.

    Contact Us

    If you need more information about our healthy pecans, please give us a call or 817-948-8453. You can also send us a text on 817-948-8453 to place your order.